Physical Therapy

When necessary, therapists can be there to evaluate, diagnose, and treat injuries negatively affecting patient’s mobility or movement. Physical therapists generally focus on treating and alleviating the physical cause of the patient’s problem. The ability for patients to return to their healthy daily lives after confronting a debilitating illness is of the highest priority to Verdugo Home Health.

Assessment of Rehabilitation Needs
Home Safety Evaluation
Home Exercise Program
Restoration to optimum level of function
Muscle Strengthening
Therapeutic Exercises
Balance Training and endurance building
Transfer and Gait Training
Patient/Family Teaching
Ambulation Program
Post-Op Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Therapists can be made available to assist patients in the recovery of the ability to perform day-to-day activities, generally emphasizing treatment that helps the patient in regaining independence. Therapists focus on adapting patients’environments, and training patients in the use of adaptive equipment.

Activities of Daily Living
Energy Conservation Technique
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Home Modification
Adaptive Equipment
Energy Conservation
Adaptive Equipment Training

Speech Therapy

When needed, speech therapy can be utilized to aid in the patient’s comfort by improving and/or recovering communication,cognitive, and swallowing abilities. Aiding the ease in patient’s ability to communicate and intake nourishment helps improve both the quality care of and general comfort of the patient.
Speech and language Rehabilitation
Developmental Evaluations
Dysphagia Management
Swallowing Therapy
Language Disorder Treatments
Voice and Articulation Therapy