Sometimes a condition requires more medical expertise than patients are able to give themselves, but less comprehensive (and expensive) care than a hospital provides. Verdugo Home Health provides those services in the comfort of the patients home. Verdugo Home Care provides patients with the full spectrum of specialized medical care on their routine visits. Routine visits will focus on implementing and maintaining the patients plan of care for continuing health and comfort, including wound care, skin care, intravenous therapy and other medical necessities.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled Observation and Assessment
Medication Teaching and Administration
Catheter Care and Management
Pain Management
Diabetes Management
HIV and Infectious Disease Management
Insulin Therapy
Intravenous Therapy
Wound Care/Wound Vac
Bowel and Bladder Care and Training
Incontinence Care
Protime Testing
Laboratory specimen procurement
Respiratory Treatment
Patient/Family Health Teaching
Coordination of care with other disciplines
Psychiatric Nursing
Tracheostomy Care
Ostomy Care
Pediatric Nursing
Nutritional Care and Support